Aquarium Installations

Aquarium Service Professionals provides expert installations in your home or office

Many details go into the process of installing an aquarium.

Your tank will not only look great, but our expert technicians will make sure that your aquarium runs quietly and smoothly. Aquarium Service Professionals uses only the highest quality equipment and installs that equipment correctly to ensure safety and years of no hassle.


Freshwater Artificial Natural

This theme uses a combination of natural stones, driftwood, and top quality realistic artificial plants to create a peaceful natural zen-like masterpiece.

Fish Only With Artificial Coral


This theme uses a combination of live rock, along with a variety of shells, artificial coral pieces and coral skeletons to create a classy look for any space. Aquarium Service Professionals generally will recommend purchasing a second set of décor so that a dirty set can always be swapped in.

Artificial Reef


This theme uses hand crafted artificial reef to mimic what you would see in places like the great barrier reef. These reef pieces can be molded to your exact specifications, and are a fantastic display of color. These pieces are commonly used in public aquaria and can be seen in television shows such as “Tanked” and “Fish Tank Kings.”

Live Reef

Reef aquarium in livingroom

This theme uses live rock as a backdrop to an assortment of live coral, anemones, shrimp, crabs, starfish, sea urchins and exotic fish species. Nothing touches the natural beauty of a living reef aquarium. A live reef is a ever changing live eco-system. The combination of color and movement makes this choice the holy grail of aquarium themes.

Live Planted


This theme uses a variety of natural rock, driftwood, and live plants. The end result is a flowing, hypnotic masterpiece that will calm the nerves of anyone who is lucky enough to view it.