Pond Maintenance and Cleaners NJ

Koi ponds, filtration systems, water gardens, fountains

Hundreds of customers throughout NJ and NY count on us to provide weekly, biweekly or monthly upkeep of their freshwater ponds. The reasons are simple – trust and lack of stress.

They trust our service technicians to provide them with a beautiful carefree pond month after month.

Ponds need maintenance, plain and simple. Aquarium Service Professionals offer Quarterly, Monthly, Biweekly and Weekly service packages.

We service all koi ponds and filtration systems, water gardens and fountains.

The Aquarium Service Professionals pond maintenance team is highly experienced when it comes to all forms of filtration.

We are also current with the newer major systems such as AquaScape Designs, Savio, Matala, PondSweep and Helix Life Support Systems.

All service visits include the following:

  • Cleaning and inspection of pump and basket
  • Cleaning and inspection of skimmer net/basket
  • Skimming top and bottom of pond for leaves and debris
  • Trimming and fertilization of aquatic plants
  • Fish health inspection
  • Adding water and any needed additives like beneficial bacteria, dechlorinator, or algaecides
  • Inspection of pond, equipment, streams, or waterfall for potential leaks

If you are interested in a free maintenance quote, please contact us through our contact form or call now at 908-777-0563

Some of the free benefits of weekly service are:

  • Regular removal of debris in skimmers, ponds surface and pump baskets
  • Inspection and replacement of UV lights
  • Back washing of filtration system
  • Free delivery of plants, livestock, additives and anything else purchased from Aquarium Service Professionals
  • UV light maintenance/bulb replacement
  • Underwater light maintenance/bulb replacement

With regular maintenance, we can stay ahead of any issues that may arise.
Some ponds are designed so well the pond may only need service twice a month.

We stock all supplies you may need including, food, additives, and plants.

Spring Pond Cleanings:

After a long winter, finally, pond season is back!

A spring cleaning usually involves removing the fish to temporary housing and draining the entire pond, then vacuuming the debris that has collected on the bottom of the pond. In some cases, a gravel-lined pond may need to have the gravel removed, washed and in rare cases replaced. This can be stressful on the pond’s inhabitants (like beneficial bacteria, fish, and plants)

After the clean-out is performed our technicians will treat the water for chlorine, add appropriate additives and acclimate the fish to the new water before releasing them back into the pond.

In addition, our technicians will clean out the filtration system, inspect all equipment, and make sure your fish are looking healthy!

Fall Pond Closing Maintenance:

Sadly, after a long Spring and Summer, we must make sure are ponds are ready for the fall and winter ahead.

Fall closings usually involve netting ponds that will collect too many leaves, removal of dying back tropical plants, inserting aeration, shutting down filtration and waterfalls, cleaning filtration for next season, and bringing in any equipment that cannot be housed in the cold.