Saltwater Aquarium Maintenance Services NJ & NY

Popular Saltwater Maintenance Services we provide

When you want beauty, nothing brings it to a space more than a saltwater aquarium!!

Aquarium Service Professionals can provide expert service for any system; large or small, reef or fish only, aggressive or peaceful, starfish and anemones or eels and sharks.

Our expert technicians will manage the care of your system, so you can lay back and enjoy the beauty.

  • 30-50 percent water changes based on the aquariums needs (We bring pre-mixed saltwater)
  • Water testing
  • Cleaning service including thorough algae scrub, filter maintenance, carbon change, light fixture and hood cleaning
  • Swapping artificial coral to give the tank a new look every visit
  • Provide RO water for top off
  • Provide frozen foods and algae strips
  • Same day equipment repair or replacement
  • Emergency Service
  • Full time appointment availability Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM